Festival in cambodia

Festival in cambodia

Origin of festival

Cambodia, located in the southeastern part of the Indochina Peninsula along with Vietnam and Laos, is the most exciting time when the full moon rises from October to November. That’s because one of Cambodia’s biggest festivals, the stock haven, is being held.

The water festival, which takes place during the period when the water flow weakens after the rainy season. comes from celebrating the change of the water stream at the end of the rainy season, thanking God for the heavy rain during the year, and wishing for a good harvest next year.



Water festival

The highlight of the Water Festival is the Boat Race, which commemorates the naval victory of King Jayavarman VII in the 12th century. More than 400 boat teams from all over the country are participating in the event in groups of about 50 people per boat. Among the many races, the main race is to reach the royal palace along the Mekong River in Phnom Penh by boat across the country, and the size and design of the boat are enough to attract visitors.

As it is a national event, it is considered one of the biggest events of the country by the Cambodian people, and during the Water Festival, various programs related to the festival are being broadcast day after day, drawing great attention and support from Cambodian citizens.

Also, there are many outdoor performances and concerts that are held until late at night, as well as fireworks on a large scale. Many Cambodian citizens also hold small events such as touching and lighting various shapes of Styrofoam boats, making wishes and sending them to the river.

custom in cambodia

Cambodia’s water festival is well-known for its variety of food, and it is said that the best food sold by peddlers from all over the country is a flat-shaped rice snack. During this period, families feed each other ‘Ok Um Bok’ and the oldest person in the family has the custom of asking wishes and wishing good luck to the person they are feeding with their hands. Why don’t we celebrate the water festival in Korea where we can make wishes and enjoy various things to see and eat?
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